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Gerber Machete Jr & High Carbon Steel Blades

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The Gerber Machete Jr cuts through brush and about anything else that stands between heroes and success. Its high carbon steel blades feature a hybrid edge that saws and slices, making it one of the more versatile rescue tools. Firefighting hand tools can sometimes be hard to hold onto, so the machete comes with a no-slip handle that is ideal for firefighter supplies. For more tools, choose Gerber sport utility packs for a collection of firefighter gear and firefighting equipment.

The Gerber Machete Jr hacks and slices until the job gets done. The machete's high carbon steel blades are reliable and long-lasting.

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Pick up a Gerber Machete Jr, and experience the cutting power of high carbon steel blades.

The Gerber Machete Jr is a sharp choice when putting together a collection of high quality rescue tools. The machete's high carbon steel blades are ideal for use in firefighting hand tools. Need more firefighter supplies? Pick up Gerber sport utility packs. Each firefighter gear pack includes needlenose multi-pliers, a versatile saw, a flashlight, a folding shovel and even more firefighting equipment. And the Gerber Machete Jr fits easily inside the average backpack, so you can travel light while carrying a handy supply of rescue tools.
Products 1 - 1 of 1