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Firefighters use specialized firefighter tools for many different scenarios. The Resqme tool is a handy, lightweight but strong rescue tool as important to carry in your own car as it is to have in your fire fighting equipment. If you need rescue tools in your fire fighter gear, find specialty extrication tools here.

Firefighter tools like the Resqme tool help with getting victims out of cars. We have rescue tools for your fire fighter gear and extrication tools for your fire fighting equipment.

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Firefighters rely on firefighter tools like the Resqume tool when they need rescue tools and extrication tools that can punch out windows and cutting thick webbing.

Handy firefighter tools like the Resqme tool are great to have at home and at work in your fire fighter gear. For rescue tools you can count on, our selections are from top suppliers of specialty fire fighting equipment. Extrication tools can make the difference between life and death so make sure you have one in your rescue toolbox.

As a specialty firefighter tool, the Resqme tool is unique. It is a small rescue tool with a lot of "punch" this extrication tool is great for punching out car windows and cutting through thick seatbelt webbing.
Products 1 - 1 of 1