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Paratech Buster Tools are tough and versatile. Entry tools will pry open windows and light door frames when used as firefighter gear pry axes. Paratech Buster Tools also allow fire personnel to reach incapacitated victims as quickly as possible, meaning more success when using firefighter hand tools. Our firefighter tools are strong and reliable and are built from the highest quality materials available for firefighter supplies and firefighter equipment.

Paratech Buster Tools grab hold and take charge in emergencies that demand pry axes. Our entry tools provide the leverage heroes need to succeed.

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Paratech Buster Tools bust open doors and help heroes save lives and property.

For forcible entries, Paratech Buster Tools offer options. With these entry tools, doors can be pried open or door hinges removed with pry axes. Firefighter hand tools also can enlarge openings in sheet metal and pull nails. Firefighter tools add versatility to the department’s firefighter supplies and firefighter equipment, and our entry tools also offer ergonomically shaped handles. For top quality firefighter gear for forcible entries, choose Paratech Buster Tools.
Products 1 - 16 of 19