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With axe covers, the sharp edges stay in a safe place until duty calls. The axe guard is a must-have when it comes to firefighter accessories, to keep heroes safe. Putting together firefighter supplies for your troops is an important job, so make sure you select rugged and high quality firefighter gear, including axe covers.Axe covers keep firefighter gear and firefighting equipment comfortable between emergencies.

Slip axe covers over sharp edges to protect firefighter heroes. All firefighter accessories play key roles, including the axe guard.

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After the battle's won, axe covers put dangerous edges away until the next crisis.

Axe covers put a muzzle on the sharp edges of firefighter gear and firefighting equipment. Safe storage of firefighter accessories is critical to firefighter safety, and the job is made easier with our rugged, superb quality axe guard. When choosing firefighter supplies, certainly the more high-profile pieces of firefighter gear are important, but more pedestrian pieces also play critical roles, including axe covers. Whatever firefighting equipment you are selecting for the heroes of your department, always make sure it is superb quality firefighter gear.
Products 1 - 1 of 1