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Hand tools from Council fire tools are built from rugged materials including hickory, steel and aluminum that are used in superb firefighter equipment. Pick up fire axes and other fire gear for chopping, battering and knocking down doors when working to protect the public and save lives. The fire rake is another example of the top quality tools in our collection of fire fighting hand tools and wildland fire supplies. Our wildland fire gear and firefighter supplies are forged to endure the fight.

Hand tools for heroes must be built to last. Choose Council fire tools, and know your firefighter gear will endure the fight.

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Hand tools from Council fire tools break down doors as heroes head to victory.

When you pick up hand tools and other firefighter supplies, the quality must inspire the confidence firefighter heroes need to step into the fray and do battle with firefighter gear. Council fire tools are constructed from only the choicest components, including heavy duty handles, some built from hickory and others from fiberglass. Fire axes, some with curved hickory handles, come equipped with a forged steel head that will lead to breakthroughs when using firefighting equipment. A fire rake helps heroes sweep to victory as they use other fire fighting hand tools. Wildland fire supplies and wildland fire gear help heroes win the fight.
Products 1 - 14 of 14