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The CMC rescue equipment section at L.N. Curtis & sons includes a wide variety of tools and gear from this respected name in rescue equipment. We carry CMC rescue harnesses and safety harnesses ranging from universal seat harnesses to special ops harnesses. Harnesses are essential firefighter rescue equipment items and our rescue harnesses meet the UL's Class II and Class III specifications. Safety harnesses and rescue harnesses are just the start of the wide assortment of rescue gear we offer from CMC and we have escape belts, uniform rappel belts, and CMC ladder belts as well.

When you want CMC rescue equipment that's authentic firefighter rescue gear from this top brand, then we have you covered. We stock rescue harnesses as well as escape belts and CMC ladder belts.

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Choose CMC rescue equipment items like our universal combo harnesses which perform a variety of functions, from rope rescue to tower and stage rigging.

When it's time for CMC rescue equipment for you and your team of heroes, search the many superior-quality rescue gear items we carry at L.N. Curtis & sons, because we've been outfitting first responders with the gear, equipment, and clothing they need for 80 years. We stock rescue harnesses in a wide range of models and these rescue harnesses come in sizes small to extra-large. Supplement your firefighter rescue equipment with harnesses for a range of rescue operations and these could include our helitack harnesses, confined space harnesses, and special ops harnesses. Along with safety harnesses and rescue harnesses you'll also find other vital equipment for rescue operations and this rescue gear includes rappel belt leg loops and ladder belts.

Our CMC rescue equipment section features a vast inventory of gear from this respected name in rescue gear and we have rescue harnesses that are multi-purpose harnesses. Choose our universal combo rescue harnesses for their versatility: they're ideal for rope rescue, rappelling, confined space work, and tower and stage rigging jobs. Harnesses are vital firefighter rescue equipment items and we have models that meet the UL's Class II and Class III specifications for rescue harnesses. We stock safety harnesses and rescue harnesses with D-ring attachment points which make connecting to the carabiners easy even while you're hanging in the harness.
Products 1 - 16 of 51