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MONOPOLY Firefighters Edition

The Firefighters Edition Of MONOPOLY & Board Games

In MONOPOLY firefighters edition, any firefighter can get promoted to chief, at least until the next game. The firefighters edition of MONOPOLY honors the men and women of fire and rescue services, making it a fine choice for any collection of board games. It's not technically fire fighting equipment, but it's a perfect for down time after the heroes have gone back to civilian life after removing their fire fighter gear.

MONOPOLY firefighters edition blazes a path to fun on Fire Fighting Freeway. The firefighters edition of Monopoly customizes the world's most popular game for fire-fighting heroes.

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Bored? MONOPOLY firefighters edition is always ready to respond.

In MONOPOLY firefighters edition, a promotion to chief is just a roll of the dice away. The firefighters edition Of MONOPOLY is custom-designed for firefighters, as well as their friends, family members and fans who enjoy playing board games. No additional fire fighting equipment is needed, just choose your token and start taking control of the fire stations on the board as you race down Fire Fighting Freeway. So don any fire fighter gear you own, or just wear your civvies if you prefer, and you can be a fire-fighting hero for as long as the game lasts.
Products 1 - 1 of 1