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Hydration Systems & Water Canteens, Wildland Fire Fighting Equipment

When you need canteens to keep hydrated through the longest and grittiest fires, discover the hydration systems section at L.N. Curtis & sons. Our water canteens are made of strong virgin polyethylene plastic and some come with a lifetime guarantee against leakage. These portable hydration systems feature heavy-duty carrying straps and run up to a lightweight four pounds. Canteens are essential wildland fire fighting equipment pieces and ours come in gray and feature raised web loops for extra security.

We have canteens ranging from two-quart water canteens to four-quart models and many canteens come with a lifetime guarantee against leakage. These water canteens are tough but lightweight, weighing in at four pounds or less.

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Look to the canteens at L.N. Curtis & sons when you require heavy-duty hydration systems and maximum portability.

For canteens that are built to keep you hydrated even in the grittiest and rugged conditions, search through the wildland fire fighting equipment at L.N. Curtis & sons. We've ben providing water canteens, camelback hydration packs, hoses, and other essential fire fighting gear to first responders for 80 years. Our hydration systems section also includes water tablets for quick purification as well as replacement tubing for your camelback hydration pack. Other wildland fire fighting equipment we offer includes our assortment of superior fire fighting hoses such as our yellow layflat hoses which are particularly easy to retrieve in the field.

Among our canteens, we have four-quart water canteens made of durable polyethylene plastic. These water canteens come with a lifetime guarantee against leakage under normal use and offer exceptional mildew resistance. These portable hydration systems come in two and four-quart models and feature heavy-duty carrying straps. Canteens are necessary wildland fire fighting equipment items for both metropolitan and wildland fires and our canteens come in gray and sport nylon raised web-loops.
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