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Streamlight Headlamps & Firefighter Helmet Lights

Streamlight Firefighter Lights, Firefighter Helmet Lights & Tactical Lights

Firefighter head lamps have 3 LEDs that are bright and efficient for close-up work and tasks that require intense white light. Streamlight headlamps from L.N. Curtis & sons have a lightweight, thermoplastic construction, so these firefighter lights resistant to extreme weather and temperatures. Some firefighter helmet lights include halogen mode for jobs that demand a powerful beam that can cut through thick smoke and dust. These tactical lights include hands-free lights for any task, big or small.

Firefighter head lamps allow the lighting to be better adapted to conditions because the three LEDs provide a wide beam, while the halogen bulb provides powerful, focused distance lighting. Streamlight headlamps are versatile tools that won’t leave heroes in the dark.

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Firefighter head lamps are water resistant for all-weather use, and our Streamlight headlamps offer three digitally controlled brightness levels, battery indicator, durable compact cases, and rubber & elastic head straps for use with hard hats.

Firefighter head lamps from L.N. Curtis & sons are ultra-compact, extremely light weight, high-performance LED headlights that feature the latest in power LED technology for a performance at the top of the headlight category. Streamlight headlamps have LED technology that produces two to three times the output of previous LEDs. Plus, our firefighter helmet lights have been specifically engineered to minimize weight and maximize run time. The tactical lights offer high and low lighting modes and are packaged with an elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap.

Firefighter head lamps are tools for heroes, and L.N. Curtis & sons offers some of the lightest, brightest, most comfortable head-lamps available today. Streamlight headlamps feature high and low lighting modes and runtimes up to 150 hours on a single LED. Our firefighter helmet lights also have Solid Sate Power Regulation that provides maximum light output throughout the battery life. Streamlight tactical lights will fit the bill, whether you’re a firefighter or an outdoor enthusiast.
Products 1 - 9 of 9