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Firefighter Flashlights, Firefighter Helmet Lights & Scene Lights

We carry firefighter lights & flashlights that are tough, bright and long lasting. For scene lights bright enough to illuminate the darkest of spaces, our selection includes the latest technologies for intense visibility. Firefighter helmet lights come in many styles and brightness levels and our selection gives you plenty to choose from. If you need rugged firefighter flashlights to update your firefighter gear, you'll find what you need right here.

Firefighter lights from L.N. Curtis & sons are designed to give you the lighting you need in any type of situation. Scene lights range from glow sticks in multiple colors that give up to 12 hours of illumination to rechargeable portable area spotlights. Firefighter helmet lights let you take the light with you without tying up one of your hands. Firefighter flashlights give you different viewing options, and we carry holders for keeping this essential firefighter gear handy.

Find the bright firefighter lights, scene lights, firefighter helmet lights and every kind of firefighter flashlights you might need right here.

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Firefighter lights along with scene lights, firefighter helmet lights, firefighter flashlights are all right here.

Firefighters rely on firefighter lights that are tough enough to go into challenging conditions. Scene lights used in fire fighter equipment are specialized so they cut through smoke and haze to illuminate the scenario. We carry firefighter helmet lights that fit snugly on your helmet and will give you reliable light for as long as you need. Firefighter flashlights are essential to a well equipped collection of firefighter gear.

Bright firefighter lights come with all the accessories you need in your fire fighting equipment, from battery packs to clamps and brackets. Our selection of scene lights include the brightest lights available for your firefighter gear. Firefighter helmet lights and firefighter flashlights include the brands you're looking for, like Pelican, Streamlight and FoxFury.

Firefighter lights are just dead weight as fire fighting equipment unless you have reliable batteries. We carry single-use scene lights as well as batteries for flashlights and other pieces of firefighter gear. Firefighter helmet lights with LEDs will run for dozens of hours on a battery pack set in a virtually bulletproof, easy-access battery door. Firefighter flashlights come in different sizes to give you a selection of lighting options.

Dozens of firefighter lights choices cover your every need, from safety wands to direct traffic to hand-held floodlights to explore dangerous and dark structures. Scene lights come with adjustable masts and can be operated in all kinds of weathers, because heroes don’t just work when the sun is shining. Firefighter helmet lights are available in variable lumen powers with easy push-button switch operation. Firefighter flashlights are sturdy so they can handle some banging and dropping.
Products 1 - 16 of 413