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For forestry hoses offering premium durability in the field, discover the many rugged fire fighting hoses we stock at L.N. Curtis & sons, including the Hotline line of heavy-duty forestry hoses. Hotline wildland hoses are some of the most trusted forestry hoses you and your team can bring to wildland terrain, and our Hotline fire hoses now feature a five year warranty. Choose these tough fire fighting hoses for their strong construction, which includes a thick lined shell made of extruded T.P.U. elastomer. Our layflat hoses are bright yellow, as well, so team members have no difficulty spotting these forestry hoses in low-visibility situations.

We carry heavy duty forestry hoses that you and your team of first responders can count on to provide you with a strong and steady stream of water even in the harshest terrains. These wildland hoses are fluorescent yellow, so they're easy to see through haze and smoke.

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When you need forestry hoses built to tackle rugged environments, look to our selections of wildland hoses made of strong spun polyester and elastomer.

Find heavy duty forestry hoses for you and your team of first responders in the extensive wildland fire fighting equipment section at L..N. Curtis & sons, the family-owned company with 80 years of service to heroes. Our wildland hoses include our premium line of Hotline hoses that offer uncanny abrasion resistance. These are fire fighting hoses that you can count on at crucial times to function well in rugged terrain, and the come with a five year warranty. And our layflat fire hoses are made of tough 100% virgin spun polyester yarn with a strong circular bias weave.

Choose our forestry hoses for their superior durability and for their high retrieval rate. Wildland hoses like our Hotline models offer a bright fluorescent yellow appearance, making them easy to spot even in the haziest and grittiest situations. These fire fighting hoses provide a service temperature range between -60 degrees and 140 degrees fahrenheit. Our layflat fire hoses are curved to a radius of 27 inches but will not burst at less than 900 PSIG, part of why these fire fighter hoses are champions of durability in the field,
Products 1 - 14 of 14