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Fire hose parts work in conjunction with other firefighter equipment to ensure a smooth flow of water to battle the fires. Fire hose accessories such as foot valve strainers keep the sticks, mud, and other muck from clogging the hose. Our fire hose equipment and wildland fire supplies are reliable in environment where lake water is your only source of fluid to put out the blaze. Fire hose strainers help ensure your firefighter supplies can be used time and time again.

Fire hose parts like foot valve strainers keep firefighter equipment clear and ready to go. Our fire hose accessories are made with the finest quality design in firefighter supplies.

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Fire hose parts ensure your firefighter equipment is in top shape so you can safely put out fires.

Fire hose parts like foot valve strainers and fire hose strainers keep the lines clean so you can fight the good fight. Fire hose accessories available through L.N.Curtis & sons are some of the highest quality products available, giving you peace of mind as you battle on. Our fire hose equipment and firefighter supplies are built to perform, and built to last making this firefighter equipment in demand. With wildland fire supplies, you are ready to stomp out forest and wildland fires wherever you are.
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