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Service brass such as basket strainers and underwater strainers are the wildland fire supplies that keep debris out of your firefighter equipment as you battle fires. Our fire hose accessories and Fol-Da-Tank pumps are key to ensuring enough water is pumped into the hoses as the fire hose strainers keep the muck out. Wildland fire gear comes in different types of firefighter supplies that help you battle the blaze wherever it may be. Fire hose parts like adapters and suction strainers that are part of wildland fire equipment, ensure only water comes into the hose.

Service brass attached to fire hoses are the firefighter equipment accessories necessary to fight wildland fires. Fire hose accessories like the Fol-Da-Tank pumps and strains water when sourced from streams or lakes.

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Service brass and fire hose accessories are critical in fighting wildland fires.

Service brass is key to wildland fire supplies that work with standard firefighter equipment to saturate areas and put out fires. L.N.Curtis & sons has fire hose accessories such as the Fol-Da-Tank which pumps water from natural sources rather than fire hydrants. Firefighter supplies and wildland fire gear are different for forest fires, and prairie fires, and we have what you need. Fire hose parts including fire hose strainers that are important wildland fire equipment with keep your hoses clear from muck so you can save lives and property.

Our service brass is made from high quality materials built into our firefighter supplies and wildland fire equipment. With fire hose accessories purchased from L.N.Curtis & sons, you can count on firefighter equipment that goes the distance fire after fire. Wildland fire gear including fire hose parts and fire hose strainers are built to withstand extreme situations and conditions. Wildland fire supplies like the reliable Fol-Da-Tank can help you battle wildland fires and keep people safe.
Products 1 - 12 of 12