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We have heavy-duty wildland fire pumps in our fire water pumps section and you;ll find models that can be used along for direct attacks and in tandem with other quality portable fire water pumps. Our fire water pumps include pumps with powerful four-stroke engines offering 13 hp. We stock portable water pumps in one, two, three and four-stages and several models contain parts that be be interchanged with other fire water pumps. These fire pumps are compatible with foam applications and feature U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestors.

Discover our wildland fire pumps and you'll see that we stock superior portable water pumps designed for direct attacks. These quality fire water pumps can be used along or in tandem with other high performance wildland fire fighting equipment.

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Look into our wildland fire pumps for superior fire fighting water pumps that feature powerful streams and an easy, electric start.

For superior wildland fire pumps, search the top-quality models of fire water pumps we stock at L.N. Curtis & sons, a company known for providing the best fire equipment to first responders for 80 years. Our fire water pumps include several models ideal for direct attack, and include three-stage portable fire pumps with four-stroke engines offering 13 hp engines. These are portable water pumps that are easy to use and provide smooth performance and exceptional water flow delivery. We carry fire pumps outfitted with maintenance-free belt assemblies and powder coated steel carry frames with non-slip vinyl grips.

For wildland fire pumps with high pressure streams, browse our many top-quality wildland fire water pumps first. We carry fire water pumps with powerful streams and these include our two-stage detachable pump with mechanical rotary seal. These portable water pumps feature an electric start and offer superior performance in the field. With our fire pumps, you also know you're getting fire water pumps that are compliant with U.S. emissions standards and are CARB and EPS certified wildland fire fighting pumps.
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