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Eductor Systems & Inline Foam Eductors

TFT inline eductors ensure the proportion of liquid foam or wetting agent that goes into your firefighting equipment is correct. The foam eductors have at 350 gpm flow capability with inlet pressure of 200 psi. The eductor systems are wear and corrosion resistant firefighter supplies, with a lightweight anodized aluminum housing. The inline foam eductors have a swivel rocker inlet coupling for ease of attachment and use.

The TFT inline eductors should be part of your firefighting equipment to ensure you have just the right amount of foam or wetting agent in your water flow. The foam eductors are corrosion and wear resistant, a critical trait for firefighter supplies.

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TFT inline eductors get a perfect mix of foam or wetting agent into your line's water flow.

TFT inline eductors have a tough, wear and corrosion resistant housing made of lightweight hardcoat anodized aluminum. The foam eductors fit onto your firefighting equipment with a full-time swivel rocker lug inlet coupling and 2.5" NH (65mm) rigid male outlet. The eductor systems are a critical addition to your firefighter supplies. The inline foam eductors take the guesswork out of getting the perfect mix of foam concentrate or wetting agent into your water stream. The in line foam eductors have flow capability of 350 gpm with inlet pressure of 200 psi.
Products 1 - 1 of 1