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Wildland hose clamps and firefighter supplies help our heroes do their job effectively and safely. Timberline tools are a quality firefighting equipment that make short work of stopping water flow. Fire hose clamps are used to shut off the flow of water so hose sections can be altered. Fire hose supplies and water hose clamps with features like self-locks ensure a solid hold on firefighter gear.

Wildland hose clamps firefighter supplies are used to stop waterflow effectively. Timberline tools are the choice in firefighting equipment that makes replacing hose sections a breeze.

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Wildland hose clamps are the firefighting equipment that helps you quickly shut off water flow.

Wildland hose clamps and Timberline tools help manage water flow with quality firefighting equipment that gets the job done. Fire hose clamps are sold through L.N.Curtis & sons to ensure our heroes have appropriate firefighter supplies to battle blazes and save lives. Fire hose supplies such as clamps and holsters are lightweight and portable so you have the firefighter gear you need on hand when you need it. Water hose clamps stop water flow so hoses can be switched out or added quickly and easily.
Products 1 - 2 of 2