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Firefighter Helmet Shrouds & Wildland Fire Shrouds

Our fire helmet shrouds from L.N. Curtis & sons come in sizes to fit everyone in your team, and our yellow helmet shrouds have hooks and loops to easily attach to any wildland helmet. These NOMEX helmet shrouds are firefighting equipment made to protect ears, nose, and face from flying embers, wind, and radiant heat. These are the wildland fire shrouds firefighters rely on when they need fire fighter gear to protect them on wildland fires. And these vital firefighter helmet shrouds items are yellow so you're easy to spot even during the haziest wildland fire jobs.

NOMEX fire helmet shrouds attach to your firefighter equipment quickly with hooks and loops that fit all helmets. These helmet shrouds cover ears, nose and face from radiant heat, wind and embers.

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Get fire helmet shrouds, the firefighting equipment needed to protect the face, ears and nose.

The fire helmet shrouds from L.N. Curtis & sons are made of NOMEX protect your ears, neck and face from radiant heat and these helmet shrouds should also protect you from wind and flying embers. Our firefighting helmet shrouds are easily and quickly attached by hook and loop to all wildland helmets. Get these wildland fire shrouds for your firefighting equipment for their maximum protection and comfort in the field. Our firefighter helmet shrouds are bright yellow, making them easily visibly on the fireline.

Choose our fire helmet shrouds for their durability and because they're lightweight helmet shrouds as well. We have helmet shrouds that weigh just one pound and that means they're easy to slip in and out of whenever the call comes in. Our wildland fire shrouds are made of rugged Nomex and come in a range of sizes, including extra large. Along with rugged firefighter helmet shrouds, be sure to investigate our fire fighter helmets which are made of tough material that resists cracking and chipping better than conventional fiberglass helmets.
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