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Onguard Firefighter Boots & Haz Mat Boots

Onguard Boots, Onguard Rubber Steel Toe Boots & Haz Mat Boots

Trusted Onguard firefighter boots give you reliable PPE for your feet as part of your firefighter gear. Keep Onguard haz mat boots ready in your fire fighting equipment to use when there is an unknown spill at a response site. Rugged and impermeable Onguard rubber steel toe boots give you superior haz mat protection with all the top quality features Onguard boots are known for.

Onguard firefighter boots are impermeable rubber haz mat boots for your firefighter gear. These Onguard haz mat boots include Onguard rubber steel toe boots for a PPE upgrade in your fire fighting equipment.

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First responders trust Onguard firefighter boots to protect their feet under haz mat conditions, so add Onguard haz mat boots and Onguard rubber steel toe boots to your firefighting equipment.

Wearing Onguard firefighter boots is a good idea when responding to a haz mat call. Wear Onguard haz mat boots when you don’t know what you’re stepping into because these Onguard rubber steel toe boots offer industry-leading PPE protection for your feet from chemicals, gases and biological hazards. First responders trust Onguard boots.

Upgrade your PPE with Onguard firefighter boots in your fire fighting equipment, including impermeable Onguard rubber steel toe boots. Onguard haz mat boots protect your feet when you have to step into unknown haz mat substances. Protect your feet with Onguard boots, available for your fire fighter gear in short or knee height sizes.
Products 1 - 2 of 2