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Boston Leather Fire Fighter Glove Holders & Glove Clips

Boston leather firefighter glove straps are made of black, plain finished hook and loop lined leather and nylon. So, if you’re looking for durable firemen glove keepers, look no further than L.N. Curtis & sons. These glove clips wrap around your gloves and clip to your turnout gear, so your fire fighting equipment will be securely fastened and easily accessible at all times. Glove clips are essential tools for heroes, and we have all the fire fighter gear you need.

Boston Leather firefighter glove straps attach to your belt with a clip, keeping your gloves handy for when you need them. Additionally, our firemen glove keepers come in your choice of nylon or leather, so you can have the fire fighter gear you prefer.

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L.N. Curtis & sons has the Boston Leather firefighter glove straps you need to keep your gloves handy with our selection of durable, Velcro lined leather and nylon glove straps.

Boston Leather firefighter glove straps are made from either heavy duty nylon or durable leather. Firemen glove keepers from L.N. Curtis & sons are dependable – even when exposed to the rigors of everyday firefighting. These glove clips attach to your belt, and the strong Velcro allows the strap to stay closed and secure. Our firefighter glove holders are so reliable that you won't have to worry about losing your expensive gloves.

Boston Leather firefighter glove straps have firefighter specific features that make them a super buy. The firemen glove keepers have durable clips that attach to the D-Rings on your firefighter turnout gear. Glove clips are a secure way to attach the glove strap to your turnout gear. These firefighter glove holders are great even if your firefighter turnout gear does not have D-Rings – you can simply use the traditional heavy-duty clip to firmly attach to any place on your fire fighter gear.
Products 1 - 2 of 2