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Fire foams designed for training are economical and safe. The 3% firefighting foams in 5 gallon pails make generous amounts of training foam, with all the characteristics of standard foams. The fire retardant foams are 100% biodegradable and will not harm your firefighting equipment. These fire suppression foams are also safe for your turnouts and other firefighter gear.

Save on fire foams with 3% training foams from Winsol. The firefighting foams act like standard foams, and are safe for the environment and firefighting equipment.

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    WINSOL 3% Training Foam Training Foam/Winsol Winsol training foams help keep training costs down, without sacrificing quality. The fire foams are biodegradable, making them the ideal fire fighting foams for the environment, and they will not harm your firefighting equipment or firefighter gear. View Details
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Get Winsol fire foams for your training days for an economical alternative to standard foams.

Winsol fire foams come in 3% ready-to-use or concentrated economical training foams. The firefighting foams are biodgradable and safe for the environment. These fire retardant foams, made expressly for training, are also safe for your firefighter gear, and will not clog your firefighting equipment. The fire suppression foams will stick to all vertical surfaces, yet decay and rinse away in under an hour. The firefighting supplies come in 5 gallon containers.
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