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Refractometer Brix & Brix Meter

Hand Refractometer & Foam Refractometer

The foam refractometer Brix is compact for easy storage on your fire fighting equipment. The Brix meter tests firefighting foam concentrate in your fire fighter gear for the field. The hand refractometer is perfect for field use on firefighting incidents. The foam refractometer measures the concentration of the soluble solids content (total solids) of the water-based solution in your back pumps or tanks.

A refractometer Brix is the measurement tool you want to keep with your firefighting equipment. The Brix meter is small and easy to use in the field.

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Get a refractometer Brix scale for accurate, easy-to-read measurement of foam concentrates.

A Davis refractometer Brix scale is a quick and simple method to measure foam concentrates in your firefighter gear. The Brix meter is accurate, measuring 0-10% in .1 incremetns. A hand refractometer model is small and compact, so it won't take up much room in your fire fighting equipment. Our foam refractometer has a durable, all metal design and automatic temperature compensation (ATC). This hand held refractometer has the largest display available, making it easy to read, even when visibility is poor.
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