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Firewater foam additives are used by wildland firefighters to increase the water efficiency of their firefighter gear such as back pumps or tanks. The fire retardant additive boosts water absorption and spreading qualities of water. Firewater fire foams are available in one gallon and five gallon containers to keep on your firefighting equipment. Firefighting foams can be easily added with our Zico universal foam container wrench, which allows a full 360-degree rotation.

Get foam additives by Firewater to boost your wildland firefighter gear capability. Fire retardant added to your back pump or tank increases water's effectiveness.

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Firewater foam additives are available in convenient 1 or 5 gallon containers.

Foam additives from Firewater are the fire suppression foam wildland firefighters want in their firefighter gear when they are on a fire line. Fire retardant additives increase the effectiveness of water by boosting water's absorption and spreading capabilities. Fire foams additives are available in 1 or 5 gallon containers for easy and convenient storage or transport in your firefighting equipment. Measure firefighting foam concentration with the Brix hand refractometers by Davis Instruments. To add fire retardant foams with ease to your back pump or tanks, be sure to have a Zico universal foam container wrench in your firefighting supplies.
Products 1 - 3 of 3