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Paulson fire goggles are designed with the needs of the fire fighter in mind, from the "quick strap" to self-adhesive cover lens. Paulson goggles come in dozens of styles from L.N. Curtis & sons with accessories such as replacement straps and different types of mounting systems. Firefighting goggles are made to be worn over a vast range of helmets as well as on an unprotected head. Paulson safety glasses are an essential element of firefighter gear because not only do they protect the eye from debris, but firefighting goggles also improve vision with anti-fogging technology and tear-away lens covers.

Paulson fire goggles fit on most helmets and fit over prescription and safety glasses. Paulson goggles are made with silicone frames and with Lexan lens and polymer alloy components.

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Pualson fire goggles are designed for specific features to address the unique challenges of wildland fires and structural fires.

Paulson fire goggles come in dozens of styles for the fire fighter working in the wildlands or facing down structural fires. Paulson goggles are made to be worn over wildland fire helmets, structural fire helmets and even bare heads. Firefighting goggles can also be worn over prescription eyeglasses, and Paulson fire goggles have tear-away lens covers so your view is never obscured. Paulson safety glasses available at L.N. Curtis & sons are designed so that you can see no matter the conditions.

Paulson fire goggles have lots of extra features, such as elastic straps with quick release buckles that are designed for comfort even when worn on the head. Straps with Paulson goggles can be adjusted while wearing gloves, and add to your firefighter gear mounting clips to secure your goggles to your helmet. Our firefighting goggles have pased heat exposure tests, and have a hard-coated outer lens with an anti-fog inner surface. Paulson safety glasses are essential to your fire fighting equipment because you're not very effective if you can't see.
Products 1 - 16 of 31