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Top choice Peltor earmuffs give you over-the-head protection for working in extremely loud environments. Professional firefighter earplugs include Peltor ear protection in many styles, from low profile Peltor hearing protection to over-the-head hearing earmuffs. Peltor headphones add top quality hearing PPE to your fire fighting equipment.

Professional Peltor earmuffs are trusted firefighter earplugs for your fire fighter gear PPE. You can rely on Peltor ear protection for the hearing protection you need on the front lines.

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Trusted Peltor earmuffs are just one of the styles of firefighter earplugs from our line of Peltor ear protection that includes Peltor headphones and low profile Peltor hearing protection.

Peltor earmuffs have been an industry leader in hearing PPE for many years so you can feel confident in adding Peltor ear protection to your personal fire fighter gear. Firefighter earplugs are something you should always carry in your fire fighting equipment and Peltor hearing protection sets the standard for professional ear PPE. Try low profile Peltor headphones for top hearing protection that works with your helmet or eyewear.

Firefighters wear Peltor earmuffs when working in extremely loud environments. Protect your hearing with firefighter earplugs like these exceptional Peltor headphones that are comfortable and reliable in your fire fighter gear. Peltor ear protection in your fire fighter gear gives you the confidence you need to go into loud places. Lightweight and low profile Peltor hearing protection offers convenience and comfort, but we have traditional over-the-head Peltor headphones as well for your fire fighting equipment.
Products 1 - 4 of 4