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Emergency response requires USAR gear that works when you need it to. Wolf Gear is designed by firefighters and EMS personnel based on real world experience so you can have confidence in this specialized rescue equipment for your own fire fighter gear. Pick up some USAR equipment to add to your fire fighting equipment order.

USAR gear made by Wolf Gear is top of the line rescue equipment for your fire fighting equipment needs. Strong USAR equipment lets you count on your fire fighter gear on the front lines.

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USAR gear and Wolf Gear will give you all the top rescue equipment you need for your fire fighter gear.

Firefighters need USAR gear that works the way it was designed to work in the field. Wolf Gear is just that kind of fire fighter gear. This specialized rescue equipment and USAR equipment is designed by firefighters for firefighters so it's perfect for your fire fighting equipment.

Strong USAR gear, including helmets and web harnesses, are all right here. We have Wolf Gear, from bags and fanny packs to that specialized belt you've been looking for. Our selection of rescue equipment includes items used by first responders in their fire fighter gear. When you need durable, reliable USAR equipment in your fire fighting equipment, it's all here.
Products 1 - 14 of 14