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Jaws of Life rescue systems have saved thousands of lives since their development more than 30 years ago. Hurst extrication tools, which include cutters, spreaders and rams, are now used by more than 35,000 rescue squads and fire and police departments throughout the world. These rescue tools, available from L.N. Curtis & sons, are relied on by our heroes for their durability and superb maneuverability. Hurst tools now feature cordless or plug-in performance that eliminates the need for hoses and cumbersome power sources.

When Jaws of Life rescue tools are needed, turn to L.N. Curtis & sons. We offer Hurst extrication tools in our lineup of rescue tools, fire rescue equipment and fire fighting equipment.

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The term Jaws of Life is now synonymous with Hurst extrication tools, the industry standard for rescue tools and fire rescue equipment.

Jaws of Life tools now incorporate eDRAULIC technology for increased maneuverability and ease of use. Hurst extrication tools, such as cutters and spreaders, have gone cordless, which means no more hoses or cumbersome power sources. These rescue tools have not sacrificed durability, though. Hurst tools, available from L.N. Curtis & sons, have set the pace for quality among fire rescue equipment.

Jaws of Life rescue tools combine power and portability for the high level of performance that our heroes depend on. Hurst extrication tools, long known for reliability in rescue situations, have special features ranging from diamond spreader tips to ram claws that can be rotated 360 degrees. Because Hurst rescue tools can be operated in battery mode, a fire fighter can perform in even the most difficult rescue environments. Fire rescue tools from Hurst now include a cutter that is built with advanced technology so it can perform on future generations of vehicles that will have stronger, wider vehicle posts.
Products 1 - 16 of 16