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Jaws of Life tools, long known for reliability in rescue situations, are easier to use now that they incorporate eDRAULIC technology. Rescue tools such as cutters and spreaders have gone cordless because of this. These extrication tools have gained maneuverability without compromising durability. Count on Hurst tools to deliver superior performance when you need fire rescue equipment that stands up to the challenge.

For Jaws of Life, you can rely on the extrication tools available from L.N. Curtis & sons. Our rescue tools combine power and portability for the performance you've come to expect from our fire rescue equipment.

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Jaws of Life extrication tools now operate without hoses or a cumbersome power source, which means these rescue tools are easier to handle but strong as ever.

For Jaws of Life strength and portability, turn to L.N. Curtis & sons, which carries a variety of Hurst extrication tools and other fire rescue equipment. Our rescue tools include Hurst eDRAULIC fire rescue equipment, which offers the freedom of cordless operation. Among our extrication tools, you'll find cutters, spreaders and rescue rams. These Hurst tools no longer require power units or cumbersome hoses.

Count on Jaws of Life and other Hurst tools for rescues in the most challenging environments. Rescue tools incorporating eDRAULIC technology also work with a cord, ensuring continuous operation. Portable extrication tools, such as a cutter designed for stronger, wider vehicle posts and a spreader with diamond tips, have made maneuvering much easier without compromising strength. Hurst tools are among the reliable fire rescue equipment that we carry at L.N. Curtis & sons, in addition to durable firefighter gear and clothing.
Products 1 - 16 of 16