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This effective hand sanitizer isn't only fragrance free, but it also leaves no residue. A firefighter's first aid supplies should contain hand sanitizer to protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our antibacterial hand sanitizer is alcohol free, and it's a welcome alternative to alcohol-based gels. Among EMS supplies, this sanitizer ranks high because it kills 99.99 percent of germs.

Don't forget hand sanitizer when you're in the market for firefighting equipment. Your first aid supplies should include antibacterial hand sanitizer to keep all kinds of germs at bay.

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Put antibacterial hand sanitizer at the top of your list of first aid supplies for firefighters.

Firefighters should include hand sanitizer with their important medical supplies. You might not equate first aid supplies with hand sanitizer, but it protects you from harmful germs. Antibacterial hand sanitizer - especially travel size hand sanitizer - is convenient to carry. When you pack your EMS supplies and other firefighter supplies, slip in portable hand sanitizer. As a bonus, this effective hand sanitizer is nontoxic and fragrance free, and it doesn't leave a residue.
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