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Firefighters use Tecnu skin cleanser after they've been exposed to poison oak and poison ivy. One of the best poison oak remedies, Tecnu removes urushiol, the invisible oil that causes the painful rash. When you buy first aid supplies, be sure to include Tecnu skin, which helps the body heal naturally. You can't find EMS supplies that are more effective and quick acting when it comes to poison oak contamination.

Include Tecnu cleanser at the top of your list of essential firefighting supplies. You won't find other poison oak remedies as effective and quick acting as this Tecnu talcum powder formulation.

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Tecnu skin cleanser, one of the best poison oak remedies, removes the oil that causes the rash.

Don't forget Tecnu skin cleanser when you're purchasing your firefighting equipment and medical supplies. Among effective poison oak remedies, Tecnu ranks high because it removes urushiol, the oil that causes the itchy rash. Get out your first aid supplies, and use Tecnu cleanser as soon as possible after exposure to poisonous plants. Every firefighter's EMS supplies should include poison oak and poison ivy cleanser. You might think your supplies are complete, but without poison oak and poison ivy treatment, you could be painfully wrong.
Products 1 - 4 of 4