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Rugged fire boots and Redback boots feature innovative designs to protect your feet under the toughest conditions. Our flexible-fitting fire fighter boots and wildland fire boots can withstand prolonged exposure to extremes with either composite or steel toes available. Our firemen boots come in men's and women's sizes, even up to size 17 and extra wide widths for essential additions to your fire fighting equipment.

Fire boots come in as many types as there are types of fires and with special fire fighter gear features to match against the special problems of certain types of fires. Wear Redback boots around the station or even for a bit of hiking for versatile fireman boots. Choose fire fighter boots when you want a rugged boot to protect your feet. Wildland fire boots, for instance, are similar to mountaineering boots with high-lacing tops for greater stability.

Rugged fire boots are packed with features to keep feet protected for the toughest of front line work. Redback boots, fire fighter boots and wildland boots feature top materials, durable construction and great grip and fit to meet the needs of your fire fighting equipment collection.

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Our fire boots and Redback boots offer the variety of protection needed for fire fighter boots that work across the spectrum of field challenges, from fighting forest fires to hazardous material exposure and even utility boots for working around the station.

Fire boots for fire fighting front line heroes have got to be tough, rugged and long lasting. Our selection includes Redback boots, Globe and Honeywell in many sizes to meet your fire fighting gear needs. The highest quality fire fighter boots have a combination of fire resistance, high traction and long lasting zippers and laces. The wildland fire boots and fireman boots in our selection are packed with features so you can pick the right footwear for your fire fighting equipment needs.

Front line heroes wear fire boots they know will protect their feet from the extremes of heat, cold and exposure to hazardous materials. Redback books are known for their unbeatable performance in a variety of settings. Fire fighter boots include rugged wildland fire boots, tough structural fire boots and aircraft rescue boots made of silver shield premium rubber. Fireman boots come in both men's and women's sizes and we have a large collection of boot accessories to fill up your fire fighting gear box.

Fire boots and accessories from L.N. Curtis & sons prepare you for whatever fire fighting equipment need you have. Redback boots are an= essential piece of fire fighter gear to keep your feet comfortable. Fire fighter boots have to fit well because bleeding, blistered feet are not conducive to effective firefighting. Our wildland fire boots include the hard to find Pro Warrington as well as Cosmas and Whites Boots so you can find the cut that fits your foot.

Our fire boots accessories include items such as inserts and socks to improve fit and comfort. Try Redback boots, 5.11 Tactical fire station boots or LaCrosse boots to get the features, fit and price that meets your needs in fire fighter gear. Fire fighter boots designed for fighting chemical fires have a different look and feel than fire fighter boots for typical structure fires. Wildland fire boots are made for hiking hills and battling timber fires, while utility firefighter boots have different features, such as being quicker to get on and off.
Products 1 - 16 of 82