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Oxygen Tank Brackets & Oxygen Cylinder Brackets

Look to the oxygen tank holder selections in the large fire equipment section at L.N. Curtis & sons when it's time to replace worn or damaged oxygen tank holders. New oxygen cylinder holders should also be considered if you're looking to update your fire equipment because our oxygen tank holders include strapless models which provide added convenience during fire response events. These oxygen cylinder brackets are created without straps, so there's much less hassle when you or your team members need to install fresh O2 cylinders. With our oxygen tank brackets, you just set the bottle in, push it, and the tank is ready to go.

Our oxygen tank holder without straps features a stainless steel bracket that's sturdy and drilled with three holes for secure mounting horizontally or vertically. Choose these oxygen cylinder holders because they sport sturdy spring-loaded brackets that are designed with speed and efficiency in mind. Our oxygen cylinder brackets are self-locking oxygen tank brackets that are coated with plasticol on the latch and latch handles to protect your cylinders from scratching. These strapless oxygen tank brackets can be loaded alone or side by side with other models, including conventional, "strapped" models.

For an oxygen tank holder that's easy and convenient, look to our oxygen cylinder holders designed without straps. These oxygen cylinder holders reduce hassles while still securing O2 cylinders snugly and safely.

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We have an oxygen tank holder that offers you and your team of first responders quick release and easy installation of oxygen tanks.

When you need an oxygen tank holder browse the fire equipment section at L.N. Curtis & sons, the family-owned company that has been supplying superior equipment, supplies, gear and clothing to heroes for 80 years. We have the premium oxygen cylinder holders that you and your team of first responders needs to tackle the most grueling fire emergencies. Search our oxygen cylinder brackets and oxygen cylinder holders and you'll discover heavy-duty cylinder brackets like our quick release strapless cylinder bracket that eliminates hassles by eliminating straps. These oxygen tank brackets don't include cylinders, but when you're ready to load up, just set the bottle in, push, and you're ready to go.

With a quick-release oxygen tank holder you're investing in a strapless cylinder holder that features a self-locking bracket. That means these oxygen cylinder holders can secure a standard O2 cylinder in just two seconds for fast and easy outfitting. These ingenious oxygen cylinder brackets also release the cylinder in two seconds and they hold both standard or jumbo gas cylinders that are steel "D" gas cylinders with or without mounted regulators. Our oxygen tank cylinder brackets thus reduce fussing and fumbling because you're not dealing with annoying straps.

Choose an oxygen tank holder that's made with a plasticol-coated spring assembly because these oxygen tank holders keep the bottle snug against the bracket and keep it both safe and quiet while preventing scratching of the brackets by the cylinder. With these oxygen cylinder holders, releasing the cylinder is a cinch - and it only takes one hand - and time is crucial in first response situations. Our oxygen cylinder brackets are constructed of tough stainless steel and are drilled with three mounting holes so you can securely attach these oxygen tank holders vertically or horizontally. These rugged oxygen tank brackets also sport a durable backspring which holds the oxygen cylinder tightly to the latch and this prevents annoying rattling.

Another advantage of this oxygen tank holder is that it features a plasticol-coated latch and latch handle which allows for easy gripping and quick operation of the release mechanism. These oxygen cylinder holders can be mounted solo or side by side and will fit with other, conventional "strapped" models. Our oxygen cylinder brackets are tested by third parties and they exceed current industry safety standards. As well, these oxygen tank brackets are ready for certification to upcoming NFPA standards, and you might also consider other vital fire equipment such as sturdy fire hydrant valves.
Products 1 - 16 of 27