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Fire Hydrant Fittings & Connections

Fire Hydrant Connections, Threaded Valves & Storz Connections

Fire hydrant valves from L.N. Curtis & sons have a variety of uses to increase the effectiveness of hydrants and pumper trucks. Fire hydrant fittings can be used as hydrant boosters, gated wyes or for inline pumping during relay operations. Fire hydrant connections are made specifically for dealing with large water ways or low-pressure sources. With Storz connections, you can connect any two hoses to increase the range of your fire fighter equipment.

Fire hydrant valves can provide uninterrupted water flow even in the event of boost pump failure. The right fire hydrant fitting can keep you fighting when the water supply isn't optimal.

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Fire hydrant valves are designed to be used with a range of hose sizes and coupling sizes.

Fire hydrant valves from L.N. Curtis & sons are problem solvers for hydrants and pumper trucks. Fire hydrant fittings can be used to connect hydrants and pumper trucks to boost pressure and flow. Fire hydrant connections include stainless steel parts to resist corrosion. Storz connections on fire hydrant valves allow you to hook up fire fighter equipment without worrying about male and female ends.

Fire hydrant valves come with remote controllers as well as manual controls to open and close valves. Include fire hydrant fittings in your fire fighter supplies on the truck so you can deal with hydrants or connect hydrants to pumpers. Fire hydrant connections come with valves designed so you can see at a glance if the threaded valves or other valves are open or closed. With Storz connections for quick coupling, these fire hydrant valves are the solution when water flow isn't what it should be.
Products 1 - 16 of 36