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Product Awareness Teams

L.N. Curtis & sons is fully staffed to handle product awareness and information about fire, emergency and rescue equipment as well as personal protective equipment and air management equipment. Our product awareness and information programs help our customers prepare to use the tools and equipment they purchase from us.

Rescue Tool and Extrication Product Awareness Team

Our Rescue Tool and Extrication Product Awareness Team informs firefighters how to safely use and maintain their rescue equipment. Our information includes extrication techniques and product demonstrations, starting in the classroom and moving to hands-on participation.

Jeff Gates



Jeff Bonser

Pacific No./So.


Rick Rainwater



Brian Bird



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Product Awareness Team

Our Personal Protective Equipment Team informs firefighters about NFPA standards and maintaining their PPE to be effective. We’ll arm you with the information you need to make the right decision on PPE to meet your identified safety risks. In addition, we have showrooms located in each of our division offices. Firefighters are encouraged to visit our facilities where they can try on personal protective equipment and get the best fit.

Tyler Dennison



Nik Taranik



Bill Lianides

Pacific North, Nevada, So Idaho


Tyler Dennison

Pacific South, Southwest


Air Equipment Awareness Team

Our Air Management Team offers information relative to the proper use, care and maintenance of your Sperian or Dräger SCBA units. We also offer the services of fit testing and flow testing of SCBA units for fire department compliancy to current NFPA standards. Opportunities for advance level service capabilities are available upon request.

KC Anderson

Northwest, Pacific No./So.


Tom Larsen - Specialist

Intermountain, Southwest


Industrial Equipment Awareness Team

Rod Lloyd

13 Western States


Wes Simpson

13 Western States


Product Awareness Opportunities

Each year you will find us at regularly scheduled Vehicle Extrication Product Awareness classes. We'll also come to your department as needed - just call us.

We're also pleased to offer opportunities to familiarize yourself with your Personal Protective Equipment that include NFPA guidelines, understanding the limits of equipment, proper care and maintenance and more. Contact us and we'll help you.