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Information, Product Awareness, Repair, Maintenance and Outstanding Customer Service

L.N. Curtis & sons' responsibilities do not end at the sale. Our after-market care is unsurpassed. Contact us today.

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Rescue Tool Equipment

Hurst Jaws of Life, Genesis

Now's the time to make sure your rescue and extrication equipment is performing at its best. L.N. Curtis & sons mobile service units provide on-site service by factory-certified technicians. They will inspect and service your equipment in accordance to the manufacturers' high maintenance standards and specifications.

We perform service at your location or ours - whatever is most convenient for you. Annual service and maintenance programs are available.

SCBA Equipment

MSA Safety, Honeywell, Sperian, Dräger, OHD

Your breathing apparatus must be a reliable piece of equipment you can count on. L.N. Curtis & sons' SCBA Factory-Certified Service Technicians are the reliable source for your service needs - we come right to your door.

Our service technicians use the most advanced equipment available to ensure your full line of SCBA equipment is working at its peak performance. We use the BioSystems PosiChek3. It is the only breathing machine that meets the stringent requirements specified by NFPA 1852.

We use, sell and service the OHD Quantifit! This respirator fit tester is a revolutionary system that includes a patented fit testing technique known as controlled negative pressure (CNP). The test results are more reliable than those obtained with any other method of fit testing currently available, including qualitative methods and particle counting devices. Some valuable features of the Quantifit: pre-programmed exercise and test protocols that meet OSHA standards, easy-to conduct tests, speed fit factor calculations and no messy challenge agents or alcohol.

Contact us for current rates to flow test, fit test, repair and upgrade your MSA G1, Honeywell, Sperian SCBA, Dräger SCBA and OHD equipment.

For more information about SCBA Hydro Testing, make sure you visit our SCBA Hydro Testing information page or contact our service team at 844.540.5060.

PPE Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

ECMS, Inc. is a part of the L.N. Curtis & sons umbrella of Curtis Care. ECMS specializes in the inspection, cleaning, and repair of personal protective equipment used for structural, wildland, industrial and aviation fire fighting as well as elements used in EMS and USAR applications. ECMS, a NFPA 1851 Verified Independent Service Provider, is recognized by major turnout manufacturers including Lion Apparel, Globe Manufacturing, Morning Pride, Sperian and many others. ECMS uses professional software to track and record the inspection, cleaning, and repair cycle. Let ECMS document for you the Who, What, Where, When and Whys, as required by NFPA 1851.

ECMS looks forward to working with you to meet your NFPA 1851 program goals. Annual contracts and a la carte cleaning and repair service is available.

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Click here to access "7 Steps To Clean Firefighting Turnout Gear"

Compressor Equipment

EagleAir, Mako

L.N. Curtis & sons is a sales and service dealer for EagleAir and a service provider for Mako compressor equipment. We provide full service and maintenance on breathing air compressors and fill stations. Our mobile service technicians provide on-site maintenance and service. Annual service and maintenance programs are available. We also provide Trace Analytics AirCheck service to help you meet NFPA 1500 requirements.

Gas Detection Equipment

MSA Safety, Dräger, 3M, Sperian Instrumentation, Industrial Scientific

Gas detection is critical. If your equipment isn't in mint condition, then you're at severe risk. We provide full service and maintenance on your gas detection tools to ensure your risk isn't compounded by poorly maintained equipment. Be safe, not sorry...just drop off or ship your equipment to us and we'll take care of it for you...shipping it back promptly in good working order.

Small Engine Repair

Honda, Briggs & Stratton

Small engines are an integral part of the equipment you use. You cannot risk poor performance or shortened engine life, thus maintenance is critical to keeping your engine and power equipment running at its peak performance. You expect excellent torque and exceptional operation, nothing less. Our technicians are factory-trained to handle Honda and Briggs & Stratton small engine repairs and maintenance. We also provide regular maintenance plans that will ensure your unit is running at its optimum power. Regular maintenance also benefits the environment by keeping emissions low. We will provide service at your site or ours...whatever is convenient for your needs.

Curtis Care Brochure

Curtis Care Brochure

After-Hours Emergency Service Contact

Please contact Doug Hussey, Director of Technical Services, 801.891.4049, if your department requires emergency equipment/tool service outside of normal business hours.