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Funding and Resource Support for Fire and EMS

Cost Recovery for Fire and EMS Departments

To learn how your fire/EMS department can obtain fiscal support for COVID-19 response through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance Grant Program and the Paycheck Protection Program click here.

Ordering Supplies and Equipment

Your department may be eligible to order supplies and equipment related to your COVID-19 response under a FEMA declaration or the emergency management process. Click here to find out.

FEMA Emergency Management Performance Grant Program

COVID-19 Response Products

KN95 Protective Mask (Non-Medical) - Box Of 20 Magic nose bridge design; Three-dimensional structure; Elastic ear strap.

3-Ply Mask - Box Of 50 Easy to put on and low resistance to breathing.

Coaxsher FR Safety Mask Double layered 5.8 oz. Tecasafe; Machine washable and reusable.


Bullard Healthcare Faceshield   Designed to provide healthcare professionals and first responders with much-needed face protection against splashes and fluids.

Bullard Sentinel Series Headgear   Offers superior face protection comfort with its lightweight design and two sizing feature options.

HexArmor Fluid-Resistant Face Protector Developed based on emergency responder needs to help conserve N95 masks by providing a fluid-resistant first layer of defense for N95 masks.


HexArmor Fluid Resistant Disposable Goggles   Developed based on emergency responder needs for a simple, disposable goggle.

HexArmor Fluid-Resistant Face Protector Kit   Developed based on emergency responder needs to help conserve N95 masks by providing a fluid-resistant first layer of defense for N95 masks.

HexArmor VS350 Goggles Available in Clear or Grey TruShield® S Coating with dual-action anti-fog interior and scratch-resistant exterior.


HexArmor LT300 Goggles Available in Clear or Gray TruShield® anti-fog interior and scratch-resistant exterior.

Solo Rescue SCBA Decon Washer For MSA G1 SCBA Cleans the MSA G1 SCBA and protective gear of residue from combustion gases, soot particles and other toxins in just a few minutes.

ProBlend SCBA Protective Gear Decontamination Detergent   Removes soot and dangerous carcinogens from SCBA.


Metris THD2FE Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer   The last word when speed, accuracy and non-contact with skin are critical when taking body temperature.

MedSource IR 300 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer   Intended to measure forehead temperature of infants and adults without contacting the human body.

MedSource IR 200 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer   Provides accurate and instant temperature readings without physical contact.


TFT KLEAN/Pak Portable Mass Disinfection System. Clean from 1,000 to 300,000 square feet between refills.

Akron Brass FS100™ Portable Sprayer   Battery operated portable system that is used to wet surfaces with chemical agents developed to combat COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)*.

Zep DZ-7 Disinfectant   Neutral, quaternary ammonium chloride, hospital-grade detergent/disinfectant, and is a member of the Zep GreenLink line of Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP).


Kappler PPN026 ProVent Plus Knee-High Boots   Knee-High Boot. Hook and loop ankle fasteners, elastic at top of boot, 2-ply sole.

Kappler PPN101 ProVent Plus Wrap-Around Gown   Wrap-Around Gown. Hook and loop neck fasteners, two waist ties, knit cuffs, non-sterile.

FoxFury Scout 470nm Blue Forensic Light System   Used by field crime scene search, lab and medicolegal personnel to look for serological / body fluids, accelerants, bite marks, bruising and trace evidence.


MSA G1 PAPR Powered Air-Purifying Respirator. Constant filtered air flow, reducing fatigue and preventing face-piece fogging.

MSA Twin Cartridge APR Adapter For G1 SCBA Facepiece   Works with both NFPA and Industrial G1 Facepieces, making the G1 Facepiece platform ideal for industrial respiratory needs.

MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirator   Advantage Respirators meet NIOSH and EN standards, while maintaining flexibility and affordability.


Bullard Decon Cloths These Decon Cloths are formulated with the latest CDC-based decontamination science to remove potentially cancer-causing chemicals.

MSA Advantage 420 Half-Mask Respirator   MSA’s Advantage 420 Half-Mask Respirator is NIOSH-approved for use with both MSA Comfo® Cartridges (threaded) and Advantage Cartridges (bayonet-style).

TFT DECON/Pak   Portable Gross Decontamination System: The DECON/pak is a self-contained agent proportioning and rinse application system helping to provide simple and gross decontamination of firefighting personnel and equipment.


MSA Single Cartridge APR Adapter For The G1 SCBA Facepiece   Can be configured for both single canister APR and CBRN applications.

Kappler PPH428 ProVent Plus Coveralls   Hood, zipper front, LongNeck™ Respirator-Fit Closure with single storm flap and tape closure, elastic back waist, wrists (with finger loops), ankles and face opening.

Kappler PPH424 ProVent Plus Coveralls   Hood, zipper front, LongNeck™ Respirator-Fit Closure with single storm flap and tape closure, elastic back waist, wrists (with finger loops) and face opening, attached skid resistant shoe/boot covers.


MICROFLEX Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves   The soft and stretchy feel of these premium gloves gives superior fit and performance.

ONYX Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves   The deep black color makes this glove ideal when working around dirt, grime and oils.

BLAZE Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves   High visibility orange color for protection you can see.


MICROFLEX Nitrile Gloves   This thicker version of the popular Cobalt gloves offers the same exceptional fit and feel with the extra protection of a thicker glove.

Cobalt Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves   This soft and stretchy nitrile glove is the best-selling glove from Microflex® brand of products.

MSA Confidence Plus 2   Germicidal Detergent And Deodorant.