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Zistos Videoscope Color Kit

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Zistos Videoscope Color Kit VSK4

This Videoscope color kit expands the capability of existing Zistos WalkAbout systems. For the Black & White videoscope kit, check out VSK4BW.

  • Videoscope
  • Telescoping Guide Tube (GTV)
  • Curved Tube (part of GTV)
  • Light Source (FBL)
  • Videoscopic Cable (VSC)

  • Compatible with all WalkAbout monitors, systems and accessories
  • Telescoping guide tube (1.5 meters extended length) allows videoscope to span voids
  • Optional light sources available – standard is battery powered white light (model # FBL)
  • Standard length is 1.5M - longer models are available
  • Kit Size: 21" x 16" x 8"
  • Kit Weight: 12 lbs.

Contact Curtis for full specifications and to receive a price quotation.