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The Zistos Universal WiFi Link is a self-contained, battery-operated, wireless network device that digitally transmits encrypted analog video to a remote laptop, PC, iTouch, iPhone, iPad, or android device through the use of a low cost app. The UWL's design is small enough to be body-worn, but with power and transmission capabilities that make it a highly versatile tool for search & rescue. The device quickly provides remote visual access in many different scenarios where a remote monitoring station or a second set of eyes is required.

The UWL is offered with an optional varifocal camera that can be mounted to the unit so that it may be used as a drop camera. This waterproof camera can be used in either color or black and white mode, or can be set to automatically switch to color mode, when light is plentiful and back to black and white mode, when it gets dark for superior low-light performance.

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