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Ziamatic EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket - Fixed Top Clamp

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Easy: Simply press down on the top clamp to lock—no straps, levers, or need to repeatedly slam a cylinder against a backplate.

Economical: More cost effective than inertia-based brackets with a smooth, PVC-coated top clamp that won’t pinch or damage air hoses or expensive HUD module wiring, saving you money over time.

Safe: The patented ratcheting design keeps the top clamp locked even when partially closed—no struggling to achieve a lock or worrying that you haven’t.

Flexible: Fully adjustable to your specific air cylinder—fits most SCBA models with virtually no rattling. Easy to retrofit and works with most seats and center pull releases— allowing you to upgrade to a strapless bracket without having to buy all new seats.

  • NFPA compliant and third party tested to exceed the 11G standard.
  • Footplate Guide makes stowing the air pack an easy, no-look process.
  • Adjustment knob allows for on-the-fly tweaks to the footplate height to accommodate for small variations in individual cylinders.