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Vita Motivator Portable Drafting Water Eductor - 2-1/2"

Item #: 1544 VITA MOT



The Vita Motivator ‘TYGER’ Portable Drafting Eductor is for emergency drafting from swimming pools, lakes, streams or any alternative static water source. The portable 1544 model is used when larger quantities of liquids have to be handled. Fire hose can be attached to both discharge and inlet connections and greatest suction capacity is achieved by lowering eductor into space to be pumped out.

  • Body is aluminum material hard coat anodized and powder coated red
  • Nozzle is 316 Stainless
  • Suction Capacities 80-120 GPM
  • Suction Lift up to 20’
  • Discharge Head 20’-70’
  • Inlet Pressure 50-125 PSI

Suggested use for wildland surge protection; drafting water from remote water supply; dewatering basements, boats, tanks, etc.; and refilling strike team.

Optional items are also available:

  • Barrel Suction Strainers / Lay Flat Suction Strainers
  • Sizes up to 6” available
  • Adapters for any thread style
  • Non-Return Check Valve can be fitted
  • Kits to include inlet, suction and discharge hoses

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