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Tryfire Axe Scabbard


Ships direct from our supplier. Estimated delivery in 5-7 business days.

The CurtisDifference

Our CommitmentTo You

Snap & Go

  • Redefining the future of the Axe Scabbards. This concept substantially decreased the amount of time required to put on a scabbard.
  • Futuristic concepts also allows to pre-set your scabbard to a appropriate size before donning. 

Flashlight Attachment / V-Ring Attachment

  • O-Ring attachment can be used to carry a flashlight or work gloves during operations.
  • V-Ring attachment at the rear of the belt for numerous uses.

Scabbard Holder / Scabbard Belt
  • Scabbard Holder - fits most of the new axes in the field.
    • Includes a swivel that maintains the axe in any position during emergency operations.
  • Scabbard Belt - designed to carry the load of the axe with minimal slippage.
    • The width of the belt gives a more comfortable and secure fit when compared to the minimal 2" belt currently being used.

Made in the USA