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True North 75L Turnout Gear Decon Bag

True North 75L Turnout Gear Decon Bag

Item #: DRB7500 TRUE NORTH



TRUE NORTH Turnout Gear Decon Bag

Curtis brings you the spacious TRUE NORTH Turnout Gear Decon Bag that is designed to reliably trap soiled turnout gear while also preventing carcinogens on personal protective equipment (PPE) from migrating to the apparatus cabin until all the gear is safely cleaned. This laundry bag features abrasion-resistant construction, durable 210D coated Nylon, an airtight design, and welded seams, making it the perfect decon component for your turnout gear. 

Easy Sealing With a Simple and Effective Solution

Curtis always brings you the latest firefighter gear and equipment to ensure safe operations in any situation. The Decon Laundry Bag from TRUE NORTH Gear is specifically designed to address a gap within the current industry products. This bag offers a simple, yet effective solution to isolate and store contaminated turnout gear safely.

The TRUE NORTH Turnout Gear Decon Bag is highly dependable and offers waterproof protection with high standard durability, creating a much safer environment for firefighters. For almost 100 years, Curtis has been a trusted source for quality gear bags, backpacks, and turnout gear for wildland fires and search & rescue operations. 

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This turnout gear decontamination laundry bag is an ideal component to your fire department's PPE decon, care and maintenance program.

  • Color: Orange
  • Size: 9.45" x 14.17" x 41.34"
  • Capacity: 75L
  • Roll-top design keeps contaminants sealed in
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Airtight, waterproof construction
  • Welded seams withstand up to 2x more stress
  • Holds up to repeated laundering
  • Stand alone or fits perfectly into a True North AMABILIS 80L Duffel

How to Properly Seal a Roll-Top Dry Bag in 3 Easy Steps
  • Make sure stiff sealing strips are wrinkle-free. Close the dry bag so the sealing strips are pressed together.
  • While holding the strips together, push down to force out trapped air. Once air has been removed, tightly fold the top over several time. True North recommends a minimum of 3 folds or "rolls" to properly seal a roll-top dry bag.
  • Connect the buckle in the direction opposite the direction the material was folded. Once the buckle has been connected, the sealing strip at the top of the bag can also serve as a handle to lift the loaded laundry bag.