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Team Wendy EXFIL SOLAS Reflective Kit

Item #: 80-SOL-1 TEAM WENDY

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  • This EXFIL® SAR helmet SOLAS reflective kit enhances visibility using reflective tape and patches
  • Uses genuine 3M™ SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) tape that is U.S. Coast Guard approved
  • Included side and top Velcro® loop patches can also be used for attaching ID badges and strobe devices (S&S Precision Manta Strobe and Core Survival Helstar 6®)
  • Includes: (1) Front Brim Tape Strip, (2) Top Tape Strips, (1) Back Tape Strip, (1) Back Brim Tape Strip, (1) Beacon Loop Patch, (1) Left Loop Patch, (1) Right Loop Patch