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TCI Two-Wire Patrol Kit


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The Two-Wire Patrol Kit is perfect for patrol, security, communications and surveillance; offering the high quality of a military-grade headset in a lighter and more affordable unit. The Two-Wire Patrol Kit includes coiled acoustic tubing which is moisture inhibiting and can be used as a lightweight replacement for the bulky shoulder-worn speaker microphone handset.

  • Lightweight (less than 2 oz.)
  • Quick-detach, top-quality Hirose connector included
  • Includes both silicone and foam earbuds
  • Moisture-inhibiting acoustic tubing
  • In-ear tips provide better sound clarity, require lower radio volume, increase radio battery run-time
  • Reinforced wiring for additional strength
  • Cable lengths optimized for threading through suits, uniforms, body armor, and other tactical apparel

Kit Includes
  • Earpiece / acoustics tubing assembly
  • Radio adaptor with Hirose connector and Push-to-Talk (PTT) 
  • PTT / microphone assembly

Available in the following styles
  • HARRIS P5300
  • Motorola APX
  • Motorola XTS

PTT feature NOT available on all radio adapters