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Rescue 42 TeleCrib Junior All-In-One Strut

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Item #: CTC1000 RESCUE 42
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The TeleCrib Junior is a compact and fast all-in-one strut designed for basic stabilization. Specifically designed for Engines/Pumpers, they allow First Due Rescuers to stabilize a vehicle within minutes of arrival. Made of the same DuPont Kevlar infused composite as the full sized TeleCrib System, the TeleCrib Junior is lightweight and simple to operate, but supports an impressive 5000 lb working load with a 2:1 safety factor.

  • Combi-head with classic piercing point, cradle, and spiked 3/8" chain slot back plate aggressively engages the vehicle from any angle.
  • Removable strap hook gives the strut additional versatility to be used as a prop (wedge) or as a lift in device and allows the strut to be used with other systems.
  • The Spring Pins automatically lock the strut at the desired length by simply pulling up on the Combi-Head. Lifting the spring level releases the pins for storage.
  • An 18" forged spike rides with the strut in a side holster and can be used to nail the baseplate to the ground for additional stability. 
  • The attached, heavy duty ratchet strap is easy to use and includes a protective, cut resistant heat shield.
  • Hook cluster includes 3/8" chain hook, mini-J and hammer head to give multiple strap attachment options.