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Rescue 42 Strut Jack

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Item #: CTC-503 RESCUE 42
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A removable 8,000 lb jack which fits over the strut body and gives the rescuer a controlled means for lifting or lowering a load. The Jack has a 15″ range, but can be used to raise or lower the entire extension of both strut sizes by pinning the strut and resetting the jack. Because it is removable, it can be moved from strut to strut as needed, minimizing storage requirements, cost and kit weight.

  • Collapsed storage size: 32" L x 13" W x 4" H 
  • Weight: 33 lbs 
  • Extension: 38 cm (at which point the strut can be secured with the pins, the Jack brought back down and reattached for further extension). 
  • 8,000 lb max working load / 4,000 kg operating load 
  • 20:1 mechanical advantage
  • Strut accessory – may be moved from strut to strut as needed