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Rescue 42 Junior Engine Combo

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Item #: CTC-1002 RESCUE 42

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The Rescue 42 Junior Engine Combo CTC-1002 is specifically for Engines (Pumpers). The TeleCrib Junior Strut and Shark Junior Step Chock are a compact, yet powerful stabilization solution for Firefighters and Emergency Responders.
In limited manpower situations, the struts and cribbing can be easily carried to a vehicle with a small hydraulic tool.

The vehicle can be stabilized in minutes to begin patient care and extrication.


  • 5,000 lb working load
  • 2:1 safety factor
  • Compact for storage
  • Easy Deployment

The CTC-1002 Junior Engine Combo includes:

  • (2) TeleCrib Junior All-In-One Strut (CTC-1000)
  • (2) Shark Junior Cribbing (SRK-JR)