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R&B Fabrications Large Diameter Hose Strap


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The Large Diameter Hose Strap (LDHS) assists in getting large diameter hose off the hose bed for attachment to a water source safely and allowing the engine to proceed for fire operations. 

  • 3" nylon webbing, with a tensile strength of 22,550 lbs.
  • Strong stitching with heavy brass rivets give you long life
  • Quick release webbing strap allows for the strap to be secured to the engine's top grab bar
  • Allows the firefighter to pull the hose off the rig and place it over a hydrant with additional hose secured with the hook & loop strap with plenty of spare hose for attachment
  • To secure the hose a heavy hook & loop closure with a zinc plated adjuster allows for additional hose for hydrant operations.
  • R&B placed a tab to allow for operations with heavy fire-fighting gloves
  • When used in conjunction with our #441YL Oversized Hydrant Tool Kit or the #443 "Tool Bag" the firefighter has everything needed to complete efficient safe hydrant operations