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R&B Fabrications Attack Pack


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The Attack Pack stores an attack line in the Cleveland Hose Load as well as a pre-connected firefighting nozzle along with adapters and reducers. With 3 swift movements the Attack Pack hose deploys into a coil which can be easily advanced into the fire. Can be deployed in restricted spaces like high-rise fire stairs, a terrace court-yard or a balcony.

  • Rapidly coils the hose straight from the pack – avoids tangles and kinks
  • 3 stage deployment designed for limited light & challenging environments
  • Nozzle diffuser teeth protector
  • Light weight and offers both shoulder strap and hand carry handles
  • Secures all components however is effortlessly deployed
  • Coloured to indicate its role in the hose lay process
  • Easily packed
  • Hose spanner stowage pocket
  • Variable back strap placement for maximum Fire Fighter comfort
  • Protects hose from damp and rain