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Pro-Tech 8 Titan Structural Firefighting Gloves

$97.50 to $117.00
Item #: PT-8-TN PRO-TECH 8

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The rugged Pro-Tech 8 Titan glove can satisfy any firefighter’s craving for dexterity, flexibility, grip, comfort and fit. Whether on a truck or an engine, Pro-Tech 8 Titan will efficiently handle every fire ground task you are faced with as well as basic motor vehicle extrication. 

The varied multi-layer design, using durable knitted high performance fibers, allows incredibly fast, soft and comfortable break in with thermal protection that actually increases after washing. The gloves will remain soft and flexible after use. The inner liner is 100% knitted Nomex and the Titan is also fully lined with 100% Kevlar, which provides much greater cut resistance than leather alone. 

Pro-Tech 8 Titan's unique multi-layer knuckle guard system reinforces protection in an area that is the most vulnerable to radiant heat burns. The Long Cuff "wristlet" style features Pro-Tech's unique Kevlar elastic cuff band which prevents debris from entering and eliminates glove slip off. At the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface, Pro-Tech 8 provides you with superior protection and performance.

The Pro-Tech 8 Titan Structural Firefighting Glove is independently certified as compliant to the NFPA 1971 Standard — 2013 Edition — on Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting; certifying agent Safety Equipment Institute, Virginia.

  • Advanced Multi-Layer Design Reinforces Vulnerable Areas and Features Exclusive Knuckle Guard 
  • Fully Lined with Kevlar for Added Cut Resistance
  • Flexible Finger Sidewalls of Kevlar and Nomex Maximize Dexterity
  • Palm Layers Stitched Down with High-Burst Kevlar Thread to Strengthen Grip 
  • NFPA 1971 Compliant Fire Retardant Moisture and Blood Borne Pathogen Barrier
  • 100% Nomex Inner Liner
  • Fully Reinforced Leather Inner Cuff
  • Long Cuff versus Short Cuff
  • Long Cuff models specifically for use with turnout gear sleeves that do not have thumb hole wristlets or extended wristlets
  • The Titan Long Cuff "wristlet" style extends the full glove body and features a 100% Kevlar® wrapped elastic band inside the cuff for extra secure fit and protection against fire ground debris
  • Long Cuff is specifically for use with turnout gear sleeves that do not have thumb wristlets or long wristlets
  • Short Cuff models  specifically for use with turnout gear sleeves that have thumb hole wristlets

Short Cuff available in XXS-4XL. Long Cuff available in XS-4XL.