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Pro-Tech 8 Evolution Structural Firefighting Gloves

Item #: PT-8-EVO PRO-TECH 8
Limited quantities, only 2 available.

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The Evolution is completely coated in rubberized Kevlar to make it extraordinarily durable and increases its cut and puncture resistance. The Evolution is reinforced with 100% water-resistant, FR treated goatskin. Goatskin has a high natural oil content which makes it soft and pliable. It’s more durable than cowhide, much lighter and more flexible. The Evolution is available in Long Cuff with a debris blocker the extends the glove body for protection at the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface.

Special Sale Price: $39.99

Regular Price: $78.00 - $98.95


  • 100% Kevlar Dimpled Inner Liner for Efficient Don and Doff
  • Highly Durable Rubberized Kevlar Base Layer
  • Knuckle Guard System Provides Superior Cut Resistance and Radiant Heat Protection
  • Flexible Finger Sidewalls of Kevlar and Nomex Increase Dexterity
  • NFPA 1971 Compliant Porelle FR Moisture and Blood Borne Pathogen Barrier
  • Water-resistant FR Goatskin Leather Reduces Water Absorbtion